Why Choose Rainy Creek Properties

Why choose Rainy Creek Properties for your next home?

As a home remodeler, Jeremy and his team have seen first hand the good, the bad, and the ugly methods of home construction. In our area, typical remodeled homes were build between 1900 and 2010. Therefore, Rainy Creek construction have seen the changes in modern construction like a timeline. Some homes build 100 years ago are fully functional. They are without major flaws in durability. On the flip side, a home built just ten years ago can have some serious design issues. As a result, these issues can be costly to the homeowner.

Rainy Creek Properties tries to anticipate as many of these issues as possible, and build accordingly.
The weather in our beloved Upper Peninsula of Michigan is unforgiving to houses that are not designed for the climate of the U.P. At Rainy Creek Properties we use all of our experience looking at the inner workings of U.P. houses to design modern, functional, durable houses.  The UP weather always in consideration. Insulation, water drainage, dealing with snow, energy efficiency, and functional access are all important considerations in home design.
When building your dream home choosing an experienced builder matters. A dream home can turn into an expensive nightmare after just one winter if construction and design are not done correctly.
Join with Jeremy and the Rainy Creek Team, because “Dreams were made to be built.”

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